A Monster’s Tale – Kelso Simon


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A great read. Brilliantly gritty”- Ady Dayman (BBC radio Leicester breakfast show)

“Highly recommended as an overview of issues in today’s society. Five stars” – 69 degrees magazine

A great book. Well written and highlights the realities of modern day society”- Elite book group/break away reviewers.


The world can be a cruel place to an honest man, this is something that 32 year-old Brett Kelso knows well. It seems fortune never comes his way and his life has become an endless cycle of work and stress, counting the days to next payday. To add to his stress is the constant worry that is brought on by his ex-girlfriend, Lisa, with whom he shares his beloved 4 year-old daughter, Macy. Lisa seems to think more of partying and getting drunk than taking care of Macy and this is getting worse. Brett wants to take custody of Macy but he is told by a solicitor that he has no chance. The 21st century society seems to hold a guy like Brett at the bottom of the pecking order and he is particularly lonely. The women around him only seem to be interested in plastic gangsters and shallowness.

After being the victim of a bully’s belittling antics Brett is at breaking point, but the responsibility he has to Macy keeps him sane. One night, Lisa’s irresponsible behaviour contributes to a life-changing disaster which thrusts Brett into a cycle of insanity and revenge. Lisa leaves town and Brett becomes hell-bent on tracking her down, but without success. Two years later a chance voicemail gives Brett the opportunity to come face to face with Lisa, and he is determined to finally hand down his brand of justice, but the deeds of the monster he has become may stand in his way. Will Brett settle his final score or will there be a chilling fate in store for him?

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Kelso Simon

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27th July 2021






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