The Guardian of Names – Leonardo Garzaro

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Hardback – 30th April 2024

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**Released 30th April 2024**

A novel focussing on the first of human activities: naming

A baron and his wife dispute what the seventh and last child should be called. A teenager decides to make his nickname his first name. A prospector is indignant when a Carnival march makes him a subject of ridicule. And a dwarf plans to steal the page where his name was first spelled.

“An explosion of creativity in a baroque novel” — Thais Rodegheri Manzano

“The Guardian of Names is a brilliant conjunction of opposites composed by a branded writer.” — Marco Lucchesi

“Leonardo Garzaro recreates the history of Brazil through the idiosyncrasies of human beings. History, fantasy, reality, reflection, and social criticism make this book an exact reflection of our human universe” — Montsserat Villar González

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Leonardo Garzaro


Rodrigo Maltez Novaes


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