Ideal Angels – Robert Welbourn

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Is it possible to keep secrets in a world dominated by social media? When someone lives their whole life online, what could they possibly have to hide?

Ideal Angels explores exactly that. The story of one man and one woman across one week. They meet, fall in love, and never look back. Eloise’s phone is never far away, obsessively cataloguing their ups and downs, with shadows lurking just out of reach. The moments after the flash of the camera, unseen and uncaptured. The threat of inescapable doom.

How much can one person be your downfall?

“Heart wrenchingly raw”

“highly readable from a promising author”

“a well-executed story with sparks of brilliance”

“Ideal Angels is stylistically bold, pacy, and provocative”

“the author should be proud of this novel”

“bearing similarities to some of the best I’ve read”

“an exceptional piece of observational narrative”

“Genuinely gripping and heartbreaking”

“The author finishes his story with a knockout punch”

“Fast paced and easy to read”

“I found myself swept up in Ideal Angels from the opening pages”

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1 review for Ideal Angels – Robert Welbourn

  1. Nicky Shearsby (verified owner)

    It’s unusual to see an entire novel in 2nd person viewpoint, but I have to say, this was impressive. It was powerful and emotively written, ensuring the reader stays in the present moment throughout. The main character was relevant, the plot convincing. If you’re looking for a fast-paced contemporary read guaranteed to break your heart, Ideal Angels is for you.

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