Hedone – J.C. Morgan

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In the sequel to Pederasty, Julian should be happy. His husband is just as corrupt as he is, and nobody knows about the trail of bodies their relationship left in its wake. But there are a few small problems.

Matt is no longer the capricious teenage boy he once was. Now he’s an adult and with that comes maturity. He’s more intelligent, more cunning, far more difficult to control. And now there’s another teenage boy demanding Julian’s attention.

Tyler is fourteen and the spitting image of Julian’s first delve into depravity. As much as Julian wants to be good, he can’t help but be bad. He wants the best of both worlds. To keep clever Matthew around to use as he needs, and give the new kid on the block the attention he demands.

But Julian has mistaken Matt’s obedience for naivety and is about to learn what happens when he chooses pleasure over the very person keeping his life from falling apart.

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10th October 2023





1 review for Hedone – J.C. Morgan

  1. Nicky Shearsby (verified owner)

    I loved this novel. It was dark, fast-paced and twisted, exactly how I like my books. There is a deep story in this that handles forbidden relationships perfectly whilst being quite harrowing and hard to read at times. Not for the faint-hearted, Hedone tackles aspects of humanity we don’t like to address. And, Morgan does it with style.

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