Witches Aren’t Wicked – Hannah Baldwin


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Six witches, six perspectives, one coven.

Florence is a mother figure, a carer of the coven.

June is a speaker, encouraging those around her to fight.

Ottilie is a survivalist, doing whatever she must to ensure her friends live.

Adelaide is an inventor, building things to make their lives easier at every turn.

Clydia is a trained assassin, protecting her found family at all costs.

Drusilla is a dreamer, wanting to live everyday like a princess, like they have already won the battle.

In the Delgosi Isles, magic was outlawed for witches years ago, and the girls want nothing more than to use their powers freely. The coven have been practicing in secret, right in the depths of Eastfall woods, and they have a plan.

A plan to change the way the world works.

All they need to do is convince the current king that they’re not dangerous.

With an invention and a great speech in their grasp, the six girls start their journey to Fairpoint, the capital city in which the royal family resides. If only things were that straightforward, though.

Their deadly quest for equality brings a crusade of trickery, corruption and loss.

The plan is simple, they just have to fight the royals and win.

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Hannah Baldwin

Publication Date

23rd March 2021






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