Cassidy is Queen – Cameron James

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**Released 13th June 2023 **

Cassidy is the Queen. Everyone knows Cassidy, right?

Theatre star, VIP at every party, and boys wrapped around his little finger, Cassidy truly rules Ravenwood School for Boys, and it’s everything he’s ever wanted, isn’t it?

After a mix-up in a coffee shop with Casper, a trumpet player from Goldstein who isn’t under Cassidy’s spell, Cassidy starts to see his life for what it is: does he want friends, or is he happy with followers? Can he trust the people closest to him? Should he continue a secret relationship with his theatre teacher? Is boy even the right word to describe him?

With the help of Casper, Cassidy begins to explore who he truly is and whether he even wants to be the Queen after all. Maybe, for the first time, Cassidy begins to let himself fall for the trumpet player who shows him there’s more to life than fancy parties, expensive clothes, and a disposable income.

Content Warnings: References to bullying, student/teacher relationships, sex, suicide, HIV


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