Verona in Autumn – Tom Lloyd

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The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is one of the most famous tales ever told, but what if their violent delights did not end in such woe? What then for the star-crossed lovers, once doomed to burn so bright and brief?

Against the turbulent backdrop of early fifteenth century Italy, Romeo and Juliet return home after twenty years in exile. Accompanied by their two grown children and a bold young soldier, they arrive in a city still plagued by the bloody feud of their families. With old Lord Montague now dead however, is there a chance to finally end the bloodshed or will old enmities and new interests mean the death of all they love?

Blending fact, fiction and homage, against the backdrop of Duke Visconti’s campaign to dominate northern Italy, Shakespeare’s characters act in conjunction with real-life figures to ask “what if?” and forge a whole new future for the beleaguered city.

The story is compelling and the prose is assured. The stage is set for an absorbing drama, whether or not you’re familiar with the original.” – Juliet McKenna

Such a beautiful, dignified return to a close-bound, tight-wound world, where honour and maturity, rashness and restraint interweave, as erstwhile heroes given a second chance attempt to delicately set to rights the bloody wrongs of generations.”Kathleen Jennings

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Paperback, Hardback


Tom Lloyd

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11th April, 2023



1 review for Verona in Autumn – Tom Lloyd

  1. Nicky Shearsby (verified owner)

    As a historic sequel to the famous Romeo and Juliet, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, Lloyd expertly brought the essence of that time period to life in this unlikely novel, taking the reader back in time to follow events after the supposed death of that fabled couple. Beautifully written, I felt as if I’d been transported back in time. His grasp of the language was stunning and had me smiling throughout. So poetic. So flawless. Shakespeare himself would not have done better.

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