Online permissions

You may read SRL books online via your school, preschool, day care, library, venue, or organisation if your usage is non-commercial, meaning you are not charging a fee or profiting financially.

We ask you to abide by the following guidelines:

  • All recordings must be for non-commercial purposes only. If you or your organisation intends to charge a fee or benefit financially from the use of SRL Publishing’s content, please email your request to
  • At the beginning of your recording say that you are reading with permission from SRL Publishing
  • Give credit to the author of the work by using their full/pen name
  • If posting on social media:
    • Say you are reading with permission of SRL Publishing and credit the author
    • Tag SRL Publishing, @srlpublishing
    • Include our website,
    • Books may be read live, or recordings may be posted
  • Recordings may be shared through a school, library, institution or group’s private platform or within a closed group with access limited to members of your community.
  • If you are posting a recording of a reading which abides by these guidelines, you do not need to apply for additional permission, but we do ask you to notify us at stating your name, organisation, city, country, the title and author of the book you plan to read online, and an estimate of when the recording/live shall be posted. A copy of the recording once published shall be sent to the above email.
  • By posting a reading, you are agreeing to the above terms.

For all other Rights & Permissions (those of a commercial nature) please visit our Rights & Permissions page.