Steven Mitchell

Steven is a writer of novels and short stories from St Albans, UK. He always dreamed of becoming a Rockstar, touring the world, and having platinum discs adorning the walls of his vast LA mansion. However, as the years passed and his band split, he pined for a new creative outlet. He took a Creative Writing course at a local college, and after winning a tiny cup in a short story competition in 2016, he realised he may have something valuable to share with his writing. Pens replaced guitars as his creative tool of choice, and since then Steven has written prolifically, constantly exploring new themes, genres and ideas. Steven has an MA in Creative Writing and is the chairperson of the nearly seventy-year-old Verulam Writers group.

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Longlisted – 2021 Laxfield Literary Launch Prize – Under the Moss

Finalist – 2021 Page Turner Writing Award – Under the Moss