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SRL Publishing announces partnership with Rainforest Trust UK.

SRL Publishing have announced their partnership with one of the world’s most effective conservation charities. Rainforest Trust ensures the long-term protection of these vital ecosystems through long-term partnerships with local communities and trusted partner organisations. The charity has already saved over 20 million acres of rainforest, with another 26 million acres in the pipeline.

This year, SRL Publishing will be supporting rainforest protection in Peru, where Rainforest Trust are working with 200 indigenous communities to provide legal protection for over 6 million acres of the Amazon Rainforest. SRL Publishing are also raising money for Rainforest Trust through their book, A Tree For Me, which is available to buy worldwide. For each copy of A Tree For Me that is sold, we will protect one acre of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

Chris Redston, Executive Director of Rainforest Trust UK, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with SRL Publishing to save rainforests, endangered species and the climate. Children have a natural affinity with nature and we hope that they will enjoy reading A Tree For Me, which contains a powerful but hopeful message about our relationship with the natural world. We also hope the book will encourage parents to become actively involved in protecting the planet that their children will inherit by supporting Rainforest Trust themselves.”

With their books, SRL Publishing aim to break the silence between friends and families and help to open conversations about difficult subjects. Previous released books touched upon bereavement, selective mutism and depression, and have now moved towards climate change. SRL Publishing only use FSC® certified paper for their books, which has also Chain of Command certification meaning the fibre in every page of every book published, can be tracked. This ensures the integrity of the paper supply chain, and that the paper used in 100% of our books is sourced from responsibly managed forests. SRL Publishing expects each of its paper suppliers to be environmentally responsible as well, and not use papers sourced from endangered old growth forests, forests of exceptional conservation value, or the Amazon Basin. SRL Publishing has won the Peoples Book Award for two of these books and has also won the UKs’ Best Small Publisher at the 2018 Global Business Insight Awards.