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SRL Publishing becomes supporting partner of new climate festival

SRL Publishing are delighted to announce we have signed up to support It’s Time, a free online festival of climate action to be opened by HRH The Prince of Wales, and led by our friends at Ecologi.

Join us, on 17th November, in 5 virtual tents with 100 speakers and a mission to bring everybody together in the fight against climate change. Tune into It’s Time – A Festival of Climate Action, for panel discussions, video premieres, art exhibits, workshops, and live performances. For every sign-up a tree will be planted.

It’s Time – Festival of Climate Action, is a free, digital, two day event running on November 17th and 18th 2020. Proudly in collaboration with WWF and hosted by Cel and Basma. Not long after the breakout of COVID-19, the major climate conference, COP26, was postponed for 12 months. Given that every moment of every day matters in the fight to stabilise our planet, the Ecologi team saw an opportunity to use their time and contacts put something in its place. But they felt they didn’t want more of the same, they wanted something that’s inclusive, free for everyone, without sponsors or corporate roadshows. They wanted an event that’s for everyone.

Ecologi, hosts of It’s Time, are a low cost subscription service that can help restore the planet by planting trees, protecting nature and funding climate solutions. Today, now planting over 600k trees a month and rapidly rising they’ve never been more certain about the power of collective action. SRL Publishing joined Ecologi in June 2020 turning to planting trees after saving over 500,000 from deforestation in 2019, and are proud of their climate positive status.

To find out more about It’s Time, visit

To find out more about Ecologi, visit our forest here