Our Mission So Far

In 2019, SRL Publishing supported Rainforest Trust, one of the world’s most effective conservation charities providing vital funds to protect threatened rainforests and other tropical ecosystems around the world.

Throughout that year, for every copy of A Tree For Me we sold, we protected one acre of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest where, very proudly, we helped save over 500,000 trees from deforestation. Rainforest Trust ensures the protection of these vital ecosystems through effective long-term partnerships with local communities and trusted partner organisations.

Tree Planting

In June 2020, SRL Publishing officially became a climate-positive book publisher, the world’s first, which means we remove more carbon in the atmosphere than we emit. We teamed up with Ecologi and TreeApp where we can offset our carbon emissions by planting trees and funding projects around the world. According to recent studies, there are enough climate change solutions that are out there right now, and if fully supported, will undo 30 years worth of carbon damage. We believe this is our opportunity to really make a difference.

SRL Publishing is supporting in many ways. We plant one tree for every book sold via our website, and we also calculate the number of trees’ worth of paper used for our products and use this figure to ensure we are always planting more trees than we use. Since June 2020 we have planted 6,722 trees in many locations including Madagascar, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda. To check out our latest data for our tree usage, check out our Impact Report via our News page.

Our Carbon Footprint

We calculate our scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions, including our digital footprint, and then seek to reduce emissions by supporting various projects around the world that meet the highest verification standards, such as Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard. Of course, calculating any carbon emissions is incredibly complex so figures are never going to be 100% accurate, which is why we also add an extra 15% to our figures.

Click here to see the full list of projects we’ve supported since June 2020
  • Protection of the Amazon in Peru
  • Landfill gas extraction in Istanbul
  • Delivering clean drinking water to Haiti
  • Forest plantation on degraded grassland in Uruguay
  • Solar power installation in India
  • Restoring the Pacific Coast of Colombia
  • Repairing water boreholes in Eritrea
  • Creating wind energy in India
  • Preserving Brazilian rainforest
  • Providing cleaner energy through hydropower in Uganda
  • Onshore wind energy generation in Taiwan
  • Forest protection in Northern Zimbabwe
  • Turning waste biogas into electricity in Thailand
  • Fuel efficient cookstoves in Honduras
  • Producing energy from waste rice husks in India
  • Wind power generation in Honduras
  • Wind power generation in Mexico
  • Preventing deforestation in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Renewable solar energy in Egypt
  • Protecting biodiversity reserve in Peru
  • Wind power in Thailand
  • Capturing methane to turn into energy in India
  • Generating energy from landfill gas in Brazil
  • Peatland restoration in Indonesia
  • Distributing cleaner cookstoves in Kenya
  • Capturing waste biogas for energy in Turkey
  • Solar electricity in Indonesia
  • Rainforest protection in Columbia
  • Avoiding methane emissions in Brazil
  • Solar power in Morocco

Until they are several years old, the trees we plant are not mature enough to sequester carbon in large quantities – and those verification programmes which do exist often will not verify carbon removal from trees until they are around 10 years old. This is why we do not count our trees as contributing towards offsetting our footprint – and only offset using verified carbon credits. Of course – our trees are still out there, quietly sucking up carbon all the same.

By supporting the above projects we have so far removed over 152 tonnes of carbon emissions. This is equivalent to 117 long-haul flights or 377,000 miles driven in a car.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

All of the projects we support contribute to at least one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Throughout the projects we have supported, we have contributed to every single UN SDG, and on average each project we’ve supported contributes to 5 UN Sustainable Development Goals. To find out more, you can check our latest annual Impact Report which can be found on our News page.