To the Bitter End – Nicky Shearsby


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After seeing first hand the devastating results a brutal sex attack has on his best friend Rebecca, nineteen-year-old Craig Marshall sets out with the intent of exacting revenge on the men who attacked her. After the rape case is thrown out of court due to lack of evidence, Craig struggles with the idea that the police failed to protect the friend he adores. He takes matters into his own hands, directly attacking Ryan Miller and Justin Anderson and putting them in hospital. Craig is shocked to discover that neither men wish to press charges, however, Craig’s motocross career comes to an abrupt end when his bike has been rigged causing a crash with Craig suffering a serious head injury that sees him fighting for his life.

The antagonists intended to kill Craig, yet are pleased he is forced to live with a permanent injury they assume will kill him eventually. However, when they see Craig’s resilience and perseverance, getting back on his feet and beginning a love affair with Rebecca, they step up their violent behaviour. Craig is tipped over the edge. He could not have imagined that his actions would trigger a series of catastrophic events that would all but destroy everything he had ever known. Craig suffers a complete breakdown, ending up in hospital for several weeks after his body begins the process of shutting down.

Months pass, and Craig’s depression forces him to try an attempt on his own life when he sees no way forward. His actions drove him beyond anything he could have thought possible and feels unable to live with what he has become. To The Bitter End tests every aspect of human life. From trusted friendships to how far a person is willing to go for love.

Shortlisted – 2022 Page Turner Awards – Best Book Cover

Finalist – 2022 Page Turner Writing Award

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Nicky Shearsby

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22nd February 2022






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