Beyond the Veil (Flanigan Files, #1) – Nicky Shearsby

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Paperback – Released 28th November 2023

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A very suspenseful read and an intriguing new thriller. A rare example of an original concept. Sarah Goodwin

When David Mallory confesses to murder, no one assumes the body is two hundred years old. Clinical psychologist, Newton Flanigan, is subsequently drawn into a sinister path unravelling a series of murders spanning two centuries. David is hiding secrets of death and betrayal, triggering a journey that could be Newton’s last.

Told from the protagonist and antagonist viewpoints, Beyond the Veil uncovers the mind of a deranged serial killer that has seemingly existed throughout history.

Can Newton save David?
Can he save himself?


1 review for Beyond the Veil (Flanigan Files, #1) – Nicky Shearsby

  1. AJ

    The master of villainy. The tamer of the psychotic. The author of bar raising.

    4 books into an already explosive writing career. The first of a hopefully long running series.

    The lead engaging, yet leaves much to be unraveled in later books.

    The puzzle, a sublime mix of crime with a touch of something supernatural yet absolutley plausible.

    The diamond in Shearsby’s novels is always the antagonist. She may be the best to do so since Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter. If her book were a room, the villain fills it. I enjoyed Newton’s exploits but couldn’t wait for the next chapter of out elusive suspect.

    My only tiny criticism is that she needs to really work hard to make her lead match the might of her villains, a challenge self imposed. But with a series like this, I’m sure our hero will become ever more memorable. Even Thomas Harris fans struggle to remember Will Graham over Hannibal Lecter. Yet if anybody has the talent to pull this off. It’s Shearsby.

    I cannot wait for further books in the series as each one will give us a new villain, and another chance for Nicky to show how she deserves to hang with the best of thriller authors.

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