ARC Request FAQs

This is the Book Reviewer FAQ page for titles published by SRL Publishing and its imprints.

Please note, due to the UK leaving the EU all products sent to the EU27 countries are now subject to VAT and customs charges, so we are unable to send as many physical books to reviewers in the EU27 as we used to. We can still offer eBook formats to those reviewers in EU countries.

How can I request a copy of your upcoming books?

We love hearing of your interest and excitement in supporting our books and, more importantly, our authors. For books that are available for review, here’s some general info: 

  • Find our ARC Request Form here
  • This form is updated with new titles every 3-4 months. On the form, you have the option to be added to our reviewer email list so we can contact you when new titles become available.
    • You can request as many titles as you would like, but please note by completing the form, you are not guaranteed a review copy. If no current titles take your interest but you still wish to be added to our mailing list, just fill in the form without selecting any titles and select ‘yes’ at the bottom
    • We have a limited number of books available so if you have requested a physical copy, you may be offered an electronic copy instead.
    • Unfortunately, we’re no longer able to ship to PO Boxes
  • If you’re interested in any books previously released, please get in touch as we may still have some review copies available.

How do you select who receives a review copy?

We review the requests from the Advanced Review Copy Request Form and consider the following:

  • Activity on Instagram (or other social platform)
  • Minimum of 1,000 followers or demonstrated high engagement/growth rate

I was selected to receive an Advanced Review Copy! What now?

Awesome! We are very excited for you to read and join the conversation online about the title you requested. If you are selected to receive an Advanced Review Copy, a member of our team will be in touch via email from, so please make sure to add this email to your safe list to avoid us ending up in your Junk pile. If selected, we will contact you with more information including some basic guidelines.

I am interested in a particular title/author but I do not see it listed as available.

If a forthcoming title is not listed it means we are not offering review copies at this time. This doesn’t mean this title will not become available in the future, so the best way to stay connected with us is to fill out the form and be added to our mailing list. If you are interested in a previously published title, please do get in touch via our contact page as we may have some review copies still available.

I was told copies of a book are not available, but saw a copy on Instagram. Why?

We only have a limited number of ARCs available. Some we use for book blog tours, some we give out as review copies to Instagrammers. Most of our review copies will end up on social media somewhere and third parties also like to share our cover images.

Sometimes we also work with independent retailers and allow them to exclusively release the book before publication date. This is so we can support indie bookstores and their websites and allow them exclusivity for a brief period. If you are, or know of, a local bookstore that could be interested, get in touch via our Contact Us page.

I requested a physical copy but was offered an eBook instead. How come?

We’re a small publisher, so we only have a limited number of copies available. We are giving away free books, before general publication, and we can’t guarantee you will receive a copy. Understandably, we have a higher number of eBooks available to share, than physical.

Please note, our eBooks are uploaded to your Kindle device, so we would require your Send-To-Kindle email which can be found in your account settings (these can be modified to make them easier to remember). We also require you to add to your Kindle Approved Document Email list – we can help you with this, or you can check out their help page here. This will only need to be completed once.

Do you offer compensation for posting about your books?

We do not offer monetary compensation to book reviewers for coverage of our titles. We provide reviewers with free books and may also provide opportunities to connect with our authors, or to be spotlighted on our social media channels.  

Questions? Comments? Want us to get to know you better, or simply get in touch?

Write to us via email at, with ARC Reviewer as the subject heading. Include your account handle, relevant statistics (follower count, etc.), and a little about yourself including your reading preferences, and any questions/feedback you may have.