Our Story

We are SRL Publishing, the world’s first climate positive publisher, who believe passionately in the power of story telling.

At the start of the 2010s publishers feared the death of the paperback due to the rise of electronic format editions, but sales have been at their lowest since 2011. The sales of physical books have been steadily increasing at an average rate of 5% every year since 2014. While we publish on both e-book and print, there’s nothing more amazing than holding a physical product that has been passed down by family members for years. In our office we house a very special, 70 year old Good Housekeeping* cooking book to remind us how important and sentimental physical books can be.

Our strap line is Breaking the Silence, and we aim to do just that. We are all too familiar with the issues in today’s society and the stigma that surrounds. We want to publish not just great books, but great books that help. Books that tackle the tough issues, books to open up difficult conversations and books to help bring people together. 

All of our books and authors are enormously special to us in their own, individual way. We believe that a story can evoke a large range of emotions; they can make you cry, make you laugh and, most importantly, change a life. We want our readers to not just read our books, but live our books. Unlike some publishing houses, we pride ourselves on giving ambitious new authors the chance that is so rarely available in the publishing industry today. 

While some years ago publishing would have been one of the more environmentally damaging industries, developments stemming from changing attitudes towards the environment mean that this is no longer the case. In the UK alone, over 77 million books are destroyed each year due to overproduction. Our business model is inherently sustainable: by only printing what we sell. We deliberately waive our profit margins for the sake of the environment.

Therefore, we have committed ourselves to being an environmentally friendly company, implementing the use of FSC paper in all our books and promotional material and actively encouraging writers to correspond and submit to us electronically. We are supporters of Rainforest Trust, donating enough money from our sales to save between 500,000 – 750,000 trees from deforestation. We have also partnered with Ecologi and TreeApp, where we are planting trees and sequestering C02 emissions through various projects all over the globe. For more information, please see our corporate responsibility page.

Please see our submissions page for further information on how to submit your work to us.

*Other cooking publications are available 😉

SRL Publishing are proud members of the Publisher’s Association Sustainability Taskforce, working to develop industry standard tools for the continuing evolution of our industry in accordance with the UN Sustainability goals and to further our contribution towards a low-carbon future. We are also members of the United Nations SDG Publisher Compact, a signatory of Publishing Declares and part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community.


Winner – 2022 Global Excellence Award – Excellence in Green Publishing

Shortlisted – 2022 BusinessGreen Leader Awards – Small Business of the Year

Winner – 2022 British Book Awards (Nibbies) – Small Press of the Year Regional

Winner – 2022 Business Champion Awards – Sustainable Business of the Year Bronze

Shortlisted – 2021 Lloyds Bank Business Awards – Purpose Before Profit Award

Winner – 2021 Green Apple Awards – Best Environmental Practice

Shortlisted – 2021 BusinessGreen Leaders Awards

Winner – 2021 CEO Today Magazine Global Awards – Best UK Small Company

Shortlisted – 2021 British Book Awards (Nibbies) – Small Press of the Year

Winner – 2020 One Planet Awards – Start-Up of the Year

Winner – 2020 Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday

Shortlisted – 2020 BusinessGreen Leader Awards – Entrepreneur of the Year

Shortlisted – 2020 BusinessGreen Leader Awards – Leader of the Year

Shortlisted – 2020 British Book Awards (Nibbies) – Small Press of the Year

Winner – 2019 One Planet Awards – Company of the Year

Winner – 2019 One Planet Awards – Start-Up of the Year

Shortlisted – 2019 British Business Awards – Sustainable Business Practice Award

Winner – 2018 Global Business Insights Awards – Best Small Book Publisher